The WPF resizable grid is extremely easy to use, just follow these steps:
  1. Add a reference to the .dll assembly from your project
  2. Add the control to a window
  3. Since it's a content control, you may add any single control inside it (as its content). This control now can be resized by any user at runtime.
  4. The resizable grid has a property named "Activated" which indicates whether the resize capability is activated or not. Its possible values are the following:
    1. Always (the resize capability is always active)
    2. OnHover (the resize capability is active only when the mouse pointer is over the resizable grid)
    3. Never (the resize capability is never active)

Finally, there is one rule that must be fulfilled for the proper use of the resizable grid:
It must always be inside a Canvas (no other layout control like a Grid or a DockPanel)

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